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Dell Chromebook 11" Hotspots

Student Devices

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Wi-fi Hotspots

Update! Service extended until 12/31/22
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Are you unable to get broadband internet? Click here to learn more about the Delaware Broadband initiative and see if you are eligible. 
This program is not affiliated with IRSD

Broadband subsidies may be available through the Federal Government, Click Here 

This program is not affiliated with IRSD

Other Low-Income (Free/Reduced Lunch) Internet Access Offers:


Option 1 - Comcast Service Areas - Comcast Internet Essentials - $9.95/mo

Via your mobile device:

Via phone: 


Option 2 - Mediacom Service Areas - Mediacom Connect 2 Compete - $9.95/mo

Via your mobile device:

Via phone:


Option 3 - No “land line” Service Available - BlooSurf - DOE Special Free Internet Offer

To those families that have no “land line” based internet option, BlooSurf has teamed up with the Delaware Department of Education to offer free installation and 3 months of service. Subsequent charges are $30/mo. Service available 8am-8pm with this offer. $30 router charge may apply.

Step 1 - Contact BlooSurf by calling 1-866-319-7172 to determine if your address is serviceable.

Step 2 - Your home school will be able to provide you with an eligibility form. You may fill the form out while at the home school. Please provide a document verifying you participate in one of the following programs: Free and Reduced Lunch, Medicaid, Public Housing Assistance, SNAP, TANF, SSI, NSLP/Head Start, LIHEAP, WIC or receive district special education services.

Step 3 - Your home school will forward the application to the appropriate party and further information will be provided by phone.

Drive Up Wifi

IRSD is offering "Drive up Wifi" at select locations. 

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Drive up wifi also available at Sussex County Libraries



Other Provider Information

Verizon DSL and Fios

Verizon Wireless



BlooSurf (Standard Residential Service)

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