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Bullying Reporting Form

Which steps do I take if I believe my child is a victim of bullying?

1. Talk with your child regarding the incident that occurred and determine if it meets the definition of bullying below:

Bullying means any intentional written, electronic, verbal or physical act or actions against a student, school volunteer or school employee that a reasonable person under the circumstances should know will have the effect of:

A. Placing a student, school volunteer or school employee in reasonable fear of substantial harm to his or her emotional or physical well-being, or substantial damage to his or her property; or

B. Creating a hostile, threatening, humiliating or abusive educational environment due to the pervasiveness or persistence of actions, or due to a power differential between the bully and the target; or

C. Interfering with a student having a safe school environment necessary to facilitate educational performance, opportunities or benefits; or

D. Perpetuating bullying by inciting, soliciting or coercing an individual or group to demean, dehumanize, or cause emotional, psychological or physical harm to another student, school volunteer or school employee.

Bullying is usually defined as involving repeated acts of aggression that aim to dominate another person by causing pain, fear or embarrassment. However, one act alone may constitute bullying if the requisite intent and effect set forth in the definition are met. Bullying may be perpetuated by an individual or a group. It may be direct or indirect.

2. If bullying has occurred, complete the form below.  Once the form is received, a school administrator will contact you to investigate the situation. If this situation does not meet the definition of bullying/cyberbullying, please contact the school to discuss your concerns or complete the Incident Reporting Form HERE.

3. Speak to your child about STOP (our schools use this acronym to teach victims how to respond to bullying incidents).

S – Stand up to the bully, and use your words to tell him/her/them to STOP hurting you.  Say it loudly and clearly for others to hear. 

T – Take appropriate action to get away from the bully.  Walk or run if need be, or go to an adult.

O – Open up to a trusted adult in your life, like your parents, a teacher, a counselor, or a coach.

P – Protect yourself from bullies by staying with a group of friends.  If you are alone, self-defense would include blocking the bully from hitting you and protecting your body.

Bullying Reporting Form


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Please be as detailed as possible. The more information provided, the more helpful the report.

Information on School Bullying Prevention

For information on school bullying prevention, contact Delaware Department of Justice Bullying Prevention and School Crime Ombudsman Bill McGillan at 1-800-220-5414 or For resources on bullying and suicide prevention, CLICK HERE.