General Info/Pricing

Dr. Lorraine Wray Aquatic Center

Member Services Pricing


Individual Membership (monthly)


*Individual Membership (monthly)


*Discounted rate for senior citizens, first responders, and IRSD employees

Family of 3 or more Membership (monthly)


Walk-in Fee (per individual)


Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons – Red Cross Learn to Swim Program


Walk-in Fee for Swim Lesson Participants

(Discounted price is only valid for participants in the Learn to Swim Program)


Parent/Child Swim Time (under 3)

$5.00 (per class)

Pool Parties

Pool Parties*

$10.00 per swimmer

*Price includes one-hour pool time and one-hour lobby (25 swimmer maximum)

Lifeguard Classes

New Lifeguard Training


Lifeguard Recertification


First Aid/CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer Recertification (without lifeguard recertification)