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Administration Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail Address
Jay F. Owens, Ed.D. Superintendent 302-436-1000
Karen T. Blannard Assistant Superintendent 302-436-1000
TBD Director of Special Education    
Celeste T. Bunting Director of Personnel 302-436-1000
Kelly L. Dorman Director of Elementary Education 302-364-3300
P. Renee Jerns, Ed.D. Director of Secondary Education 302-364-3300
Tammy B. Smith Director of Business and Finance 302-436-1000
Preston A. Lewis Administrator of Student Services 302-436-1000
William "Joe" Dooley Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds 302-436-1000
Maria M. Hazzard Supervisor of Early Learning 302-364-3300
Walter E. Smith, Jr. Supervisor of Alternative Programs 302-364-3300
Shawn S. Tidwell Supervisor of Transportation 302-436-1000
Daniel J. Mann Supervisor of Technology 302-436-1000
Clifton F. Toomey, Jr.  Supervisor of Nutrition Services 302-436-1000
Tara D. Thoroughgood, Ed.D. Acting Director of Special Education 302-364-3300
Nika F. Reid Supervisor of Support Services 302-364-3300
Cathy E. Wolfe Supervisor of Business and Finance 302-436-1000
Charles C. Brown District Investigator 302-436-1000
Mark W. Rust District Investigator 302-436-1000
Jay Owens

Dr. Jay F. Owens

Karen Blannard

Karen T. Blannard
Assistant Superintendent

IRSD Directors

IRSD Directors (from left): Kelly Dorman, Renee Jerns, Tammy Smith, Celeste Bunting and Tara Thoroughgood.

IRSD Supervisors

IRSD Supervisors. Front row (from left): Joseph Booth, Shawn Tidwell, Nika Reid, Maria Hazzard, Cathy Wolfe. Back row (from left): Walter Smith, Preston Lewis, Clifton Toomey, Daniel Mann.