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IRSD Enters Five-Year Agreement with Coastal Venues

IRSD Enters Five-Year Agreement with Coastal Venues

At its meeting on June 26, the Indian River Board of Education approved a new, five-year collaborative partnership with Coastal Venues LLC for the use of the Seed and Sapling venue in Frankford for school and district events. 

During the 2022-2023 school year, IRSD partnered with Coastal Venues to utilize Seed and Sapling free of charge in exchange for the district allowing the venue to use property on the adjacent John M. Clayton Elementary School campus for overflow parking for its other events. 

Last school year, IRSD used the Seed and Sapling venue for its Behavioral Health Professional of the Year ceremony, Teacher of the Year ceremony, Support Professional of the Year ceremony and the district retiree ceremony. In addition, the Indian River High School prom and several John M. Clayton Elementary School staff events were held at the facility. 

Coastal Venues owners Steve and Michelle Benton were formally recognized by the Board of Education at the June 26 meeting, where they were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. IRSD offers its sincere thanks to Coastal Venues for its generosity and looks forward to its continued partnership with Seed and Sapling. 

Steve and Michelle Benton

Steve and Michelle Benton are recognized at the June 26 Board of Education meeting.