Windows 10 - FAQ
Why am I being upgraded to Windows 10 when Windows 7 worked fine?

Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2020. What does that mean?
  • Any security vulnerabilities won't be patched, leaving our systems exposed.
  • It is likely the Delaware Department of Technology (DTI) will cut off or limit access to those computers still running Windows 7 soon after that period.
  • New systems being shipped by Dell do not support or have limited support for Windows 7, meaning they will not work well or at all.
IEPPlus isn't working! (Internet Explorer vs Edge)

IE vs Edge
IEPPlus still requires Internet Explorer to function properly. In Windows 10, Microsoft heavily integrates "Edge" over Internet Explorer and while the icons look similar, they are different browsers. Make sure to use the "Internet Explorer" desktop icon.

Will my old software still work?

Any web-based software (Software that you open a web browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer to use) should still work. Our staff will attempt to install any older software that requires an installer (Such as something on a CD-ROM) but we cannot guarantee its compatibility. We will work with you to find a suitable replacement if it is instructionally necessary.

I can't find something, where is it?

Search Bar
We have provided links on your desktop that should cover the basic programs used by our district. Windows 10 also employs a helpful search feature to find programs and settings. It will be located by the "start" button on the lower left.

The new office looks different, how do I save to my documents or desktop?

 The "save-as" dialog box has a few extra options to save, you will need to click on "This PC" to save to documents or desktop as you are used to.

Save As