Special Outreach Services

Indian River School District Special Outreach Services - S.O.S

Overview:  Public schools encounter more hurdles than ever before with increasing requirements to serve all students regardless of the challenges before them.  One of the most profound challenges is the student who comes to school and cannot learn due to the “emotional baggage” he/she carries with them.  Sometimes students arrive at our door without their basic needs being met which exhaust our existing support services.

S.O.S. attempts to bring intensive counseling services from the outside community agency to the school door.  Often times, students with severe depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder or similar disorders may not have transportation to the community based agencies that provide intensive counseling services.  Therefore, the hope is that S.O.S. will address the “emotional barriers” to learning for selected students whose needs cannot otherwise be met with existing district resources.

Who: Students with deeply rooted emotional disorders that may effect their conformity to school district codes of conduct and/or their academic progress and ultimately successful completion of high school.

What: Intensive counseling services that would typically be offered at a community based mental health agency serving children and or adolescents with a DSM IV diagnoses.  Individualized counseling provides students with basic school survival skills and strategies for responsible decision making and problem solving.  It helps reduce school violence, fosters social and emotional intelligence and improves academic effort and attention.

When: During normal school operating hours which will be determined on an individual basis by all parties involved (building principal, school counselor, teacher and S.O.S. counselor).  

Where: Schools that designate a guidance counselor who will coordinate and communicate with partnership providers and district special education supervisor.  

School counselor must provide the following:
Designated office space
School plan on how to screen a referral
Confidential permissions / release forms on file.

How: The district special education office will serve as a facilitator for the partnership between parents, students and Psychological Associates of Southern Delaware (PASD), Professional fees, billings, and payments will be on an individual contractual basis between the parent and PASD.  

For More Information Contact:
Kim Taylor 
Special Outreach Services Coordinator

Anne Breneman
Nancy Sieck-Quillen
Amanda Cordrey
Brooke Mitchell
Maria Cruz Darby
Tanja Levenson
Leeann Kenny Schoup
Karen Irvin
Tara Troise
Charity Sample
Lorie Johnson
Lindsey Levis
Allison Unitis