Special Education Ambassadors
Click on the links at left to view photos of the Indian River School District's Special Education Ambassadors from each year.

Jaclyn Layton, IRSD Early Learning Center
Elizabeth Helm , East Millsboro Elementary School
Richard Messick, Georgetown Elementary School
Kim LeKites, Georgetown Middle School
Desiree Budesheim, Howard T. Ennis School
Julene Williamson, Indian River High School
Jan Bomhardt, John M. Clayton Elementary School
Lori Hansen, Long Neck Elementary School
Melissa Timmons, Lord Baltimore Elementary School
Kim Cooper, Millsboro Middle School
Gemma Cabrera, North Georgetown Elementary School
Maria Obando, Phillip C. Showell Elementary School
Kevin Wolgemuth, Selbyville Middle School
Heather Gardoski, Southern Delaware School of the Arts
Lester Bivens, Sussex Central High School
Chef Charles Webb, Community Ambassador

Tara Thoroughgood, East Millsboro Elementary School
Sara Colmorgen, Georgetown Elementary School
Cathy Henderson, Georgetown Kindergarten Center
Paige Robinson, Georgetown Middle School
Ann Breneman, G.W. Carver Academy
Keri Justice, Howard T. Ennis School
Todd Furhmann, Indian River High School
Lindsay Smith, John M. Clayton Elementary School
Amber Porter, Long Neck Elementary School
Jessica Behrens, Lord Baltimore Elementary School
Josh Lee, Millsboro Middle School
Samantha Ewing, North Georgetown Elementary School
Marie Karitis-Smith, Philip C. Showell Elementary School
Patricia Jennings, Selbyville Middle School
Danielle Squillante, Southern Delaware School of the Arts
Danna Palmer, Sussex Central High School
Robert Finley, Community Ambassador
John Donato, Honorary Ambassador

Audra Mitchell, East Millsboro Elementary School
Margot Newbold, G.W. Carver Academy
Sarah Johnston, Georgetown Elementary School
Melissa McNamara, Georgetown Kindergarten Center
Stacey Pavlik, Georgetown Middle School
Cafeteria Workers, Howard T. Ennis School
Wanda Burke, Howard T. Ennis School   
Stacey Holladay, Indian River High School
Allison Bennett, John M. Clayton Elementary School
Lauren Kirk, Long Neck Elementary School 
Jennah Truitt, Lord Baltimore Elementary School   
Zach Murphy, Millsboro Middle School   
Britney Lloyd, North Georgetown Elementary School   
Melissa Grunewald, Phillip C. Showell Elementary School
Alyssa Mahon, Selbyville Middle School   
Frank Shockley Southern Delaware School of the Arts
Derrick Layfield, Sussex Central High School
Ann Marie Dalton, Community Ambassador
Megan Easter, Honorary Ambassador

Sharon Lawrence, East Millsboro Elementary School
Sue Shultie, G.W. Carver Academy
Sara Heinicke, Georgetown Elementary School
Colleen Barrett, Georgetown Kindergarten Center
George Schwendtner, Georgetown Middle School
Helen Morrow, Howard T. Ennis School
Sally Benner, Indian River High School
Christina Holmes, John M. Clayton Elementary School
Kasey Abbott, Long Neck Elementary School
Linda Brown, Lord Baltimore Elementary School
Mary O'Neill, Millsboro Middle School
Joanna Hudson, North Georgetown Elementary School
Christine Morrison, Phillip C. Showell Elementary School
Jesse Steele, Selbyville Middle School
Marjorie Adkins, Southern Delaware School of the Arts
Melissa Glaeser, Sussex Central High School
Phil Shultie, Honorary Ambassador