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Transition Services

Transition Planning becomes a part of the IEP process when a student reaches the age of 14 or enters grade eight. Some aspects of transition include the student’s career ambitions, plans for job training or post-secondary education, and independent living goals. These factors are a vital component of the IEP, as the student’s interests and goals determine the coursework that will best prepare him/her for the next phase of life. Educators, parents, and the student help determine the activities that will best assist the student with post-secondary planning.

Indian River’s Transition Specialist reviews and participates in the IEP meetings to ensure the student’s schedule and four-year educational plan address the goals of the student. In addition, the role of the Transition Specialist is to inform the student of the adult agencies that can assist with employment and job training after graduation. It is the Indian River School District’s belief that this early discussion and planning will help motivate our students to obtain a high school diploma and become prepared to enter the workforce or a post-secondary educational setting.

Secondary Transition Specialists:
Dawn Ciccanti (Howard T. Ennis School)
Laura Hattier (IRHS, SMS, SDSA)
Aimee Marzullo (SCHS)
Mary Graves (MMS and GMS)

IRSD Transition Specialists

IRSD Transition Specialists (from left): Aimee Marzullo, Mary Graves, Laura Hattier and Dawn Ciccanti

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