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Transition and Parallel Program (T.A.P.P.)

The Transition and Parallel Program (T.A.P.P.) is for the Indian River School District’s 18-22 year olds that need continuing education for transitioning to adulthood and the workforce. Students may have graduated with a regular diploma or a diploma of alternate standards. Students in the program have opportunities to participate in lessons for housekeeping, cooking, packaging, academics, social skills, communication, self-advocacy and they continue to receive related services they qualify for such as speech, counseling, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  They are connected with adult service agencies and set up in internships, work on budgeting, learn soft skills and learn about work-based communication. Students can attend full or part-time and are provided transportation or parking, if they choose to drive. The T.A.P.P. program also provides volunteer opportunities to serve the community with access to a food pantry and mobile food pantry.

Location: G.W. Carver Complex, 30207 Frankford School Road, Frankford, DE 19945

For more information regarding the T.A.P.P. program you may contact:

Dr. Tara Thoroughgood, TAPP Principal
(302) 364-3300

Dr. Amy Mooney, TAPP Special Education Coordinator
(302) 364-3300