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Fingerprinting Locations

Effective Monday, September 11, 2023, the state has adopted a new fingerprinting policy.
All applicants will need to register via the UEnroll website utilizing the following Service Codes :

1.    New Employees/Substitutes - Service Code 27RZK8 ($85 Fee)
2.    Volunteers - Service Code 27RZNS ($38 Fee)

Fingerprint Service Code Form - Employment
Fingerprint Service Code Form - Volunteer

To further assist applicants, please see additional website links below and attached documents for important reference information.

Delaware IdentoGO Landing Page
Registration Website:
Location Finder (to enter City or Zip Code):
Delaware State Police Website:
Customer Service Call Center: (866)761-8069

IRSD can no longer accept fingerprints that were previously done for another state agency.  Fingerprints will only be valid if they come directly from IdentoGO.