Speech Therapy / Pathology
The SLP (speech language pathologist) provides therapy services for all children with deficits in the areas of articulation, language, swallowing, voice and/or fluency. They are members of the IST and/or IEP team and the DIAL screening team. They provide consultative services for teachers, screening and evaluations for students and speech and language education for families. The students seen by the SLP are diverse. They range from pre-Kindergarten to High school and from those having mild articulation delays to the multiply disabled. The SLP is often a referral source to the community (ENT, audiologists, AI DuPont, ophthalmologists etc).

Paula Howard        
Alice Balcena
Suzanne Davis
Lauren Marshall
Karalyn Roach
Judith Anderson
John Adamic
Kelly O’Steen  
Kristen Wyatt
Jennifer Kelly
Amanda Bakof
Sabrina Eskridge
Karen Oldland