Occupational Therapy
School occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are key contributors to a student’s educational team.  Students must first be found eligible for special education services before schools are required to consider providing occupational therapy services.  Students who receive occupational therapy services in the school setting have been determined to need occupational therapy in order to benefit educationally as part of an IEP or in order to support academic related goals.

Through remediation, accommodations, and adaptations, occupational therapy practitioners support academic outcomes related to a student’s  fine motor skills, visual-motor integration skills, motor planning skills, sensory processing skills and strategies, activities of daily living skills, for optimal participation within the school environment.  Because of their expertise in activity and environmental analysis, these practitioners are particularly skilled in facilitating environmental designs and adaptations in the classroom or within the school environment that optimizes a student’s participation within the educational setting.

Kim Trout – OTR
Brenna Meixner - OTR
Karen Tinus - COTA
Jamie Messick -COTA
Dawn Steele – COTA 
Sara Heinicke - COTA
Krystal Spencer - COTA
Terri Lingo - COTA
Kathy Scott - COTA
Briana Shuman - COTA
Dawn Nielsen - OTR