Services for Hard of Hearing or Partially Deaf


To assist local teams of families, educators, and other service providers throughout Delaware in the delivery of communication-driven quality education to students who are deaf or hard of hearing through technical assistance, professional development and family support. 

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  • All students can learn given high expectations, opportunity, and support to access curriculum.
  • The family is the cornerstone for educational planning and student success.
  • Family and students are informed, respected and supported as full educational team members. Their contributions and priorities are equally valued.
  • Cultural competence and acceptance by all team members are the foundation for interactions.
  • Educational decisions and plans are communication-driven and take into consideration “critical mass.”
  • Collaborative teamwork skills are essential to developing and providing quality education.
  • The local education agency is primarily responsible for the education of all of its students. Local capacity is strengthened through shared knowledge, skills, and resources.
  • Technical assistance promotes best instructional practices. Outcomes are clearly identified, needs-driven and measurable. These services are equitable across the state.

HHPD Interpreter Tutors:
Richard Franco
Jan Alvarez
Mary Beth Tkack
Catherine Dorey