Notice of Changes to Certification Regulations - July 2017
Governor Carney has signed HB 143 into law. This bill has eliminated the requirement of Praxis Core (Praxis I) for Licensure. It has also eliminated the Provisional License. Educators with no experience who are receiving their first License will receive a four (4) year Initial License, and will have two school years to complete the Performance Assessment requirement.

Below, we have provided some answers to the questions you may be asked regarding these changes.

I was waiting to pass the Praxis Core to earn my license, now what?

o The general knowledge requirement or Praxis Core is no longer required for licensure in the state of Delaware. You no longer need to take and pass the Praxis core to earn a license.

o    This includes current educators who were working towards this requirement but already working - Skilled and Technical Science Teachers, Nurses, etc.



Do I need to re-apply for my license?

o    No. If you already have a license, you do not need to re-apply.


I just graduated from an educator preparation program, do I earn a Provisional or an Initial?                                                           

  • An educator applying for a license in the state of Delaware with less than one year of experience will be placed on an Initial License. The educator will be required to take and pass a performance assessment by the end of their second year of teaching , if they have not already done so. There is no longer a Provisional License.
  • (Applicants with 1 year but less than 4 years experience are still placed on an Initial License but are NOT required to take and pass a performance assessment with proof of a current valid out of state license/certificate)