IRSD to Restructure Georgetown Kindergarten Services
IRSD to Restructure Georgetown Kindergarten Services
Posted on 03/06/2019

At its regular meeting on February 25, the Indian River Board of Education voted to restructure kindergarten services in the Georgetown area. Beginning with the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, North Georgetown Elementary School kindergarten students that are currently being served by the Georgetown Kindergarten Center will return to North Georgetown Elementary.

The move will free up classroom space for Georgetown Middle School, which is projected to have a large increase in enrollment during the next two years. Georgetown Middle School, Georgetown Elementary School and the Georgetown Kindergarten Center are presently housed in the same complex on Market Street.

Currently, all kindergarten students residing in the Georgetown area attend school at the Kindergarten Center. Beginning next year, kindergarten students who live in the North Georgetown Elementary School attendance area will attend school at that location. This amounts to approximately 147 students. The remaining Georgetown kindergarten students will attend Georgetown Elementary School. This amounts to approximately 141 students.   

Housing kindergarten students at North Georgetown Elementary frees up several classrooms at the Georgetown complex that can be used to accommodate enrollment growth at Georgetown Middle School. 

“This was a difficult but necessary move that was needed to accommodate enrollment growth in the Georgetown area,” Superintendent Mark Steele said. “The Georgetown complex is rapidly approaching capacity and there is no room on the campus to place portable classrooms. Returning kindergarten students to North Georgetown will free up classroom space until the district can implement long-term solutions to its overcrowding problems. These solutions may include building new schools and redrawing attendance areas between Georgetown and Millsboro.”