A Special Thank You to IRSD Residents
A Special Thank You to IRSD Residents
Posted on 02/14/2020

The Indian River School District would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to our residents for approving the major capital improvement referendum on February 13. Not only did the measure pass by an all-time record margin of 3,019 votes, it also passed at every voting machine at every polling location.

But the success of this referendum goes much deeper than numbers. The small communities throughout our district took down the invisible north/south wall and pulled together as one district. We are heartened by the fact that our residents were able to see the big picture and understand the referendum’s benefits to the entire district. We believe this unified support will help us clear any and all barriers that come our way in the future.

Thursday’s unprecedented level of support for our schools has strengthened our resolve to provide the best possible educational services to every student in our district. Our residents deserve this level of commitment from our schools and we will work tirelessly to implement a major capital improvement plan that will serve our district’s needs for years to come. The children of today are tomorrow’s community, and last night we took the first steps in creating a stronger community for the future.