Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy in the school system is the science of identifying and helping those children having challenges in balance, motor planning (crawling, jumping, hopping, skipping, equilibrium, clapping, bilateral coordination activities, catching, throwing), visual perception, sensory perception, fine motor skills, and visual motor planning (the coordination of eyes and hands used when cutting, tracing, and copying from the blackboard).
The Occupational Therapist provides therapy services which establish the gross motor foundation for effective sensorimotor functioning and development. Particular emphasis is placed on the prevention and amelioration of disabilities and the rehabilitation of individuals challenged by dysfunctions in the most basic sensorimotor abilities. Accordingly, the therapist applies medically based training to develop and /or restore the neuromuscular and sensorimotor functions essential to postural stability and movement efficiency and flexibility in the postural and locomotor adjustments of daily living. In an interdisciplinary team approach, physical therapy services may be direct, consisting of planning and implementing a therapeutic program, or indirect, such as consultation, administration and education.
Kim Trout – OTR
Brenna Meixner - OTR
Karen Tinus - COTA
Jamie Messick -COTA
Dawn Steele – COTA 
Sara Heinicke - COTA
Krystal Spencer - COTA
Terri Lingo - COTA
Kathy Scott - COTA
Briana Shuman - COTA
Dawn Nielsen - OTR