ELL/ESOL Certification Opportunity


Wilmington University is offering five online courses for CURRENT CLASSROOM TEACHERS that will lead to an ELL certification.

This is a phenomenal opportunity that will lead to best practices within our classrooms while serving the diverse needs of ALL students.

The additional benefits include:

1. If 10 or more IRSD teachers ENROLL the university will reduce the course cost by 10%.

2. You will be eligible for Emergency Certification on your current Licensure and Certification Certificate. (Upon completion of the 5 pack you will then apply for full certification in ELL)

3. You are eligible for IRSD course reimbursement.

4. You may be eligible for DOE course reimbursement – under the critical needs scholarship.

Currently we have FOUR IRSD teachers enrolled and pursuing this opportunity: 

1.       Tina Armstrong…..PCS

2.       Lisa Richardson….MMS

3.       Wanda Williams…..EM

4.       Diane Comoli….IRHS 

PER DR. KATHRYN M. BROWN  ( contact person for ESOL/ELL @ WU)

Please remind the cohort they need to register for block 2 now.. before 10/12/2015

If they started correctly, they should have been enrolled in MLL 7402.

The second course is MLL 7405.

IF they did NOT take MLL 7402 in block 1, that is the course they need to take in block 2.

I added the course so that they can do this. 

If you have questions please contact Dr. Brown at WU or Lori Y. Hudson, Indian River School District Recruiter/Mentor Coordinator at or 302-436-1000.