Members of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Accountability (CIAA)

Name Title Major Responsibilities Contact us
Dr. LouAnn Hudson Director Curriculum and Instructional Programs
Grades PreK-12
Dr. Jay Owens Director of Special Services Special education services
Dr. Judith Brittingham
Supervisor Supervisor of Special Education
Dr. Audrey Carey Supervisor Instructional programs
Grades PreK - 5
Mike Lingenfelter Academic Resource Teacher District Assessment and Accountability Specialist
Mike League Instructional Technology Specialist Secondary Instructional Technology
Grades 6-12
Jilian Whaley Math Specialist Elementary Math Instruction
Grades K-5
Kim Kleinstuber Science Specialist Ingram Pond Lead Teacher and Science Specialist
Jessica Hazzard ELL Specialist English Language Learners Program Specialist