Administrator Title E-mail
Mark L. Steele
Celeste T. Bunting Director of Personnel
LouAnn Hudson, Ed.D.
Director of Instruction
 Jay F. Owens Director of Special Services
Jeannette R. Steele
Director of Business
Preston A. Lewis Administrator of Student Services
Joseph W. Booth Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Judith A. Brittingham, Ed.D.  Supervisor of Special Education 
Audrey K. Carey, Ed.D.
Supervisor of Elementary Instruction
Walter E. Smith, Jr. Supervisor of Alternative Programs
Clifton F. Toomey, Jr. Supervisor of Nutrition Services
Charles Ruggiero
Technology Systems Manager
Tyler J. Bryan
Transportation Systems Analyst
Charles C. Brown
District Investigator
Mark W. Rust
District Investigator