District Selects 10 Community Members for CBOC
District Selects 10 Community Members for CBOC
Posted on 06/20/2017

The Indian River School District has selected 10 community members to serve on the replenished Citizens Budget Oversight Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide additional transparency and to ensure that stakeholders have input into the district’s budgetary process.

A selection committee comprised of district administrators and Board of Education members reviewed all applications and chose the 10 community members based on their educational and vocational backgrounds. 

Citizens Budget Oversight Committee members are as follows:

Justen Albright

Gary Brittingham

Morley Daehn, Jr.

Kathleen Evans

Greg Goldman

Linda Lewis

Dave Marvel

Austin Short

Rose Watkins

Chris White 

The term length for each member is two years with an option to continue serving at the discretion of the Indian River Board of Education. All members will attend a training session provided by the Delaware Department of Education in July. 

The Citizens Budget Oversight Committee was developed in accordance with Delaware Code and Delaware Department of Education regulations. It will also include the district superintendent and director of finance.

The committee will meet at least quarterly with the chairperson providing a report on the committee’s activities at an Indian River Board of Education public meeting. The committee will be advisory in nature and make recommendations on financial matters to the Indian River Board of Education.  The committee’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, review of monthly/quarterly financial statements, review of the annual budget before presentation to the Indian River Board of Education and review of trends and future needs of the district to prioritize future expenditures.

The committee may also meet in conjunction with the district’s established Finance Committee at the discretion of the superintendent and/or Board president.