District Clarifies Property Tax Issues
District Clarifies Property Tax Issues
Posted on 08/17/2017

In recent weeks, the Indian River School District has received numerous calls from citizens regarding large increases in school property tax bills for Fiscal Year 2018. Part of this tax increase stems from the public’s approval of a current expense referendum on March 2, 2017.   

However, the remaining tax increase is the result of actions taken by the Delaware General Assembly in July. In the process of balancing the state’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018, the General Assembly reduced the annual Senior Property Tax Discount from $500 to $400 for residents 65 and over. This accounts for the additional $100 that some residents have noticed on their property tax bill.

The Indian River School District had no input or influence on the legislature’s decision to reduce the Senior Property Tax Discount. In setting its tax rate for FY18, the district has maintained the promises made to the public during the referendum process.

The district hopes this information clarifies residents’ property tax bills for FY18.